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Welcome - How to Unlock the iPhone 5

Unlock iPhone - Jailbreak iPhone 5 4/3Gs/3G

Apple produced a wonder of the technological world when they unveiled the iPhone 5.  With unprecedented speed and an ability to organize your life, the iPhone has evolved leaps and bounds.  Unfortunately, much of the iPhone 5 has been confined to Apple manufacturing requirements. 

Using a method called jailbreaking, you can unlock your iPhone 5 and recapture its potential.  When you unlock iPhone 5, your horizons widen, allowing you to turn that smartphone into an entertainment center, a communications hub, a data cruncher, and a key to your network.
Deep within your iPhone 5, there’s a world of possibilities. 

You just need to unlock its potential and we have the method on

how to unlock iPhone in our members page.

We reckon iPhone 5 is still the favourite for the name of the new iPhone, but it could follow the new iPad and end up being called, simply, the new iPhone. We really hope not. One thing is for sure, Apple has already filed a complaint over the ownership of the iPhone5.com URL.
iPhone 5 form factor

Unlike the iPhone 4S, the new iPhone will be a completely new design from what has gone before, so that means an entirely new casing as we saw with the iPhone 3G and, later, the iPhone 4.
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Best alternatives to the default iPhone apps

Interestingly, someone who claimed to have seen a larger iPhone 5 prototype said in November 2011 that Steve Jobs canned the new size and opted for the iPhone 4S. According to Business Insider, it was feared that a new size would create a two-tier iPhone ecosystem.

Deep within the heart of your iPhone is the hardware necessary to keep you connected, rather than confined by Apple products.  By unlocking your iPhone 5, you will be able to access any network all over the world, utilizing any SIM.  This means you can roam, and you will stay connected. 

As a good will gesture Unlock iPhone 5 are also providing free lifetime updates with every purchase. This will ensure safe updates to future firmware versions and most importantly of all, your iPhone will remain unlocked when installing future firmware/ios versions.

No requirement for a jailbreak, insert and go!
*No need to dial 112 (after the first time initialization)
Supports 3G, EDGE, MMS, Facetime
Supports iPhone 4S baseband 1.0.11, 1.0.13 and 1.0.14.
Supports iPhone 4 baseband 1.59.00, 2.10.04, 3.10.01, 4.10.01 4.11.08
No hardware alteration or modification required – will not affect your warranty
Robust and sturdy steel custom SIM tray | iOS 5.0.1 Baseband 1.0.11, 1.0.13 And 1.0.14
Unlock works on all world networks.
Uses high performance original F981 chip for ultra-low voltage operation


Supported Basebands :


4.12.01, 4.12.02, 3.0.04, 2.0.12, 04.11.08, 01.59.00, 02.10.04,03.10.01, 04.10.01, 04.11.08, 04.26.08, 05.16.07, 05.11.07, 05.12.01, 05.13.04 ,05.14.02, 05.15.04, 05.16.01, 05.16.02, 05.16.05 1.0.05 ,1.0.06,3.0.03 ,3.0.04 ,1.0.11 ,1.0.13 ,1.0.14 ,2.0.10


Our guides are compatible with all firmware: 6/5.1.1/ 5.1/5.0.1/ 5.0/ 4.3.5/ 4.3.3/ 4.3.2/ 4.3.1/ 4.3/ 4.2/ 4.1/4.0.x /3.1.3 /3.1 /3.0 and it is GUARANTEED to jailbreak & unlock iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS iPhone, 3G iPhone fast and secure.